dimanche 10 octobre 2010, par Admin

Here is the fanzine Cria Cuervos n°3 all silkscreened by Mehdi Beneitez in Bordeaux in may 2010 It had lost itself on the way, but it finally arrived in Berlin last month.

Inside, my four pages on "Epilation" You can see them HERE

And to see more from my drawings on "Epilation’s theme" that’s HERE.

JPEG - 79.1 ko
Cria Cuervos #3
Cria Cuervos #3- Les ediciones del parasite- Tiré à 100 exemplaires
Avec : Mehdi Beneitez, Yoko Nono, Charlotte Desédouy, LLcooljo, Franeck, Alex Baladi, Mt., Ephameron.
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